ѕᗩi∂ᗩᴛ +ᑎѕi |★💘ωє∂∂ιиg

Recently had the pleasure and honor of documenting SAIDAT + NSI wedding at the Nelson Mandela hall in Duleek Ireland.

Here is wishing SAIDAT + NSI  a very Happy Married Life.

Here are some of my favorite frames from the lovely colourful wedding:

A (1)AA (3)AA (4)AA (2)AAA (1)AA (1)AAA (3)AAA (2)B (17)B (1)B (14)B (15)BB (1)B (8)B (13)B (12)B (5)B (4)B (9)B (10)BB (5)BB (4)BB (6)BB (3)BB (7)BB (8)BB (9)BBB (1)BBB (4)BBB (3)BBB (5)BBB (7)BBB (9)C (1)C (18)C (8)C (17)C (13)C (16)C (12)CC (5)CC (1)CC (4)CC (7)CC (15)CCC (6)CCC (18)CCC (16)CCC (17)CCC (7)CCC (20)D (11)D (2)D (5)D (9)D (10)OLA (114)OLA (128)OLA (118)OLA (115)OLA (124)OLA (125)OLA (129)OLA (130)OLA (147)OLA (148)OLA (146)OLA (140)


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