єммᗩɴᴜєℓℓᗩ + ʀɪᑕᕼαʀ∂ 💘|★ᴇɴɢᴀɢᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ


Feels great to be back on my beloved blog, its been a very busy wedding season for me, but today, I`ve decided to take a break from editing and post EMMANUELLA & RICHARD super fun colorful and lovely Nigerian Traditional Engagement Ceremony that took place at the nice Glencarn Hotel Monaghan.

it was a fun-filled engagement ceremony with combinations of IRISH + NIGERIAN mixtures. I`ve got to say, it was indeed one ceremony i enjoyed documenting…

The Traditional Engagement Ceremony is considered VERY important amongst Nigerians and most Africans in general, it’s the ceremony before any ‘White Wedding’ and in some quarters, it is considered a lot more important than the ‘White Wedding’..hence culture and tradition demands couples would have the ceremony before their actual ‘Wedding’…no matter the religion.

It’s usually seen as the ‘formal’ meeting of both the bride and groom’s families, and there’s the exchange of gift, food, and a formal proposal is made from the groom family asking for the bride’s hand in marriage…

EMMANUELLA & RICHARD are one super fun couple and certainly, Emmanuella dance moves are just simply woww.

Here are some of the frames from the colorful ceremony




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