ʟοʟᗩ∂є вʀι∂ᗩʟ ѕнοωєʀ

I had a fab time at the Bridal shower of the delightful charming LOLADE at the beautiful 5star Dylan hotel in Dublin Ireland. The music was fab, the ladies were stunning with strong rhythm and my highlight of the night was the impromptu shoot.

Beautiful set-up, Fabulous hotel, bunch of alluring ladies.

Here are some snaps from the event.


A (5)A (1)A (2)A (3)A (4)A (6)AAA (1)AA (2)AA (3)AA (4)AA (5)AA (6)AA (7)AA (8)AA (9)AA (10)AA (11)BB (2)BB (3)BB (4)BB (5)BB (6)BB (7)BB (1)BBB (1)BBB (2)BBB (3)C (1)C (2)C (4)CC (1)CC (2)CC (3)CC (5)D (1)D (3)D (4)D (5)D (6)D (8)D (9)D (10)D (11)D (12)D (13)D (14)D (15)D (16)D (17)D (18)D (21)D (19)D (20)D (22)D (23)D (24)D (26)D (25)D (35)D (36)D (37)D (27)D (29)D (33)D (30)D (31)D (32)D (34)D (38)E

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