ѕнαввαт + єℓιє wedding

I honestly believe that I get to work with some of the most wonderful couples on earth. Last year I photographed Doncil + Didier’s wedding in Galway Ireland.

Probably one of the best couples have ever had the privilege to work for. Fast forward 2yrs later I got a call from the couple to cover the lovely Shabbat + Elies wedding in Brussels Belgium. As usual, all expenses paid flight and hotel. Wink wink photographers dream client.. Fast forward Landed at Brussels and straight whisked to the Magnifique Hiltons at the center of the town..

The lovely couple who both lives in Belgium had a quick chat and straight away the rest is history… The day started off at the Waerboom Hotel Belgium with

The day started off at the Waerboom Hotel Belgium with fun beehive of activities before we headed for the church for the solemnization.

The church ceremony was short and filled with great songs and lively atmosphere.

Every photo session I had with these young couple was packed with fun and excitement….

From the dept of my hearth I would like to wish SHABBAT + ELIE a BLISSFUL union, eternal HAPPINESS and all the very BEST as Man and Wife.

Here below just a few of their wedding through my lenses:

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